Mark Cuban issues warning about doing business with China


Mark Cuban is a billionaire well-known around the world. Most of those who know him, try to know what he thinks on this or that issue concerning business, investments and money. What concerns investments in China, he warns all businesses to be very attentive and vigilant.

What concerns the issue why some companies and firms are holding back on their capital spending, it’s necessary to mention that everything depends on the company\firm itself. You are always to be very attentive and watchful. You are always to be very vigilant… whether your company has a global supply chain or your business is concentrated on with China or you would like to concentrate on business and work with China.

Mark Cuban has done a bevy of business deals. According to his words, he states that China offers rather good opportunities to businesses to develop in China. It is mostly relates to smaller companies. Nevertheless, Cuban warns that you may face numerous troubles if one part of your business can only be made in China. Moreover, you have to pay respect to the fact that you’ll have to pay tariffs.

Along with the above, Mark Cuban raised issues about trade negotiations with China. Donald Trump is almost sure that U.S. companies will have only benefits from opening up the market access to China. However, Cuban says that it’ll finally work vice versa and have the opposite effect.

But what is the end game? That is surely the major question. Let’s imagine that President Xi calls up and says yes, and Donald Trump answers yes as well… What will happen then? All this makes us to be very vigilant with China and careful about what we are asking for and seriously follow through on the consequences of what we’re trying to make.